Hey there and welcome to Pipp Pop!

Pipp Pop is a handmade accessories brand based in Perth, Australia. 

Pipp Pop is all about helping you celebrate the everyday occasion – from dinner dates with your best friends to popping on some loungewear and having a lazy day at home – there’s a Pipp Pop for every occasion! Add a POP to any outfit with our fun, flirty and feminine Pipp Pop’s.

Pipp Pop was formed after a love on big bold earrings and a loath of how heavy and painful they were to wear all day.

I first started to design polymer clay earrings back in 2019. I was amazed at how my fat sausage fingers were able to mould and manipulate this weird playdough looking material into wearable creations. I was blown away at how lightweight these creations were and continued to dive into exploring this medium more. My friends and family were incredibly supportive and keep me busy with orders. And before I could believe it my little hobby (and stress release) had me packing orders to send all around Australia.

Today’s Pipp Pop is something I am very proud off. I’m excited to now stock amazing and unique handmade designers from around Australia. I am continually learning and exploring new techniques to create earrings and accessories with the goal that every time you pop on a pair of Pipp Pop’s you have the confidence to tackle anything!

- Pippa