Kathleen Benham - Loopy organic oval wood dangles - 2.0-Pipp Pop

Kathleen Benham - Loopy organic oval wood dangles - 2.0

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How fun and colourful are these earrings!


Length: 7.5 Centimetres
Width: 2.5 Centimetres


Made from laser-cut bamboo and lovingly hand-painted by Kathleen Benham in rainbow colours.

They hang from a little organic shaped laser cut bamboo piece painted in gold glitter and feature an organic shape in white with black polka dots and are light as a feather! You won't even feel you're wearing them. 

Please note they may contain small flaws as every piece is painted by hand, and not mass-produced.

Different screens may show the colours of the actual product may varying slightly. We have tried our hardest to showcase the colours and designs in the most realistic way